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Brill's Tagger new binary released(Jun-10-2002)
Freq : Boreal for Win32 ver.1.14a released!(Mar-05-2000)
Brill's Tagger Executable for Win32 released!(Feb-25-2000)
Attribute-Sensitive Text Find Util. for Windows ver.1.04 released!(Jan-02-2000)
Attribute-Sensitive Text Find Util. for DOS / OS2 ver.0.04 released!(Jan-02-2000)
Montse: a tool to convert Corpus Wizard file (*.cw2) into text files.!(Dec-16-1999)
Corpus Wizard for OS/2 Warp ver.0.05 released!(Nov-07-1999)
KKC for OS/2 ver.1.11 released!
KKC for DOS ver.1.07 released!
Photos of Kobe Harbor Land added!(Dec-05-1999)
Photos of Arashiyama Railway Added!(Dec-05-1999)

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