Software Library: Corpus Wizard for OS/2 Warp

Corpus Wizard for OS/2 Warp was planed to be a Java application, but Java wouldn't work normally on my 486SX PC. So Corpus Wizard for OS/2 Warp appears as a Native Warp Application.

   This OS/2 32 bit executable is NOT at the practical level. Functions are 
very limited and will gradually be implemented. There's no compatibility with
Windows version's data and configuration files.

[How to use]
    Execute KKCPM.EXE and click "Search" menu and then "KWIC(Range)" menu. 
Enter keywords(up to TWO) and a filename. Keywords will accept "Regular 
Expressions" and filenames will accept "wildcards".

  For example)
    If you want to search "GIVE and GAVE", the keyword you should enter is 

* : Implemented
+ : Not Implemented

    +Save As
    *Save as Text as...
    *KWIC(Range)          (Some options are not available)
    *Sort by word...

[Default options]
. accept regular expressions
. tag format(filename+line number)
. save only to text file.

[Known Bugs]
* Horizontal Scrolls behave strange :-<

ver.0.04  1999-Oct-21
  Collocation statistics supported
ver.0.03  1999-Oct-12
  Extraction(Position) implemented.
  KWIC(Position) implemented.
  One sentence per line mode added
ver.0.02  1999-Oct-09
  Extraction from the result supported.
  History functions supported.
  Sort by word function supported.
ver.0.01  1999-Oct-02
  Some options are implemented
    Word search/Ignore case/Colum width of outputs/Fonts
  options are saved into kkcpm.ini
  Copy to the clipboard supported
  Context menu supported
ver.0.00  1999-Sep-25
  released as a presentation of UI

Corpus Wizard and Multi Language Extension DLL are HAMAGUCHI Takashi's 
copyrighted materials.

JRE32.DLL is Mr. YAMADA Kazuo's copyrighted material.


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