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The mountain of Gunma

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Welcome to the "Gunma's Mountain".

A hike spot and an alpine plant are introduced.

Mt Asama is reflected with the Dicentra peregrina in Nozori Lake by the photograph of the title.


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My name is Juntoshi Sato.

I am Japanese.
I am walking forest and a mountain for a holiday.

I am walking the forest and mountains of Gunma prefecture in holiday.
  Gunma Prefecture is located in the middle of the Japanese islands, and it has the three sides surrounded by a mountain.
There are "Mt Nikkou Shirane", "Mt Tanigawa Dake", "Mt Joshu Hotaka", "Mt Asama", and so on in Gunma Prefecture.
Mt Akagi, Mt Haruna, Mt Myogi are known as "three mountains of Jomo".
(Gunma Prefecture was being called "Joshu" or "Jomo" long ago.)

Mt.Tanigawa Dake
Mt. Tanigawa
rock.gif (1689 ???)


Rock Juntoshi Sato.