(1) Drawing up a plan

For a start, draw up a plan in same size, the front and the side, taking account of the balance of each part, and the size of joints(Fig.02). This doll will be 2 feet tall.

(2) Making the core

Here we don't use a mold. We introduce the way of using Styrofoam (foam polystyrene) for the core.

Cut the all parts from the lump of Styrofoam in a size 10mm smaller than finished size.(03)

If you can find Styrofoam balls in adequate size on the market, you may use them for joints.

The left (04), all the parts are arranged except hands and feet, which don't need the core.

The neck will be made after the shape of the head is settled and then attached to the head.

Put marks the position of features in the face, and the top and bottom, right and left in the limbs. (05)


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