The Base

The base is made with sawdust mixed with paste.
Mixed sawdust turns into hard and light after it is dried up.
The styrofoam core is to be raked out later, then every parts will be hollow.

There are two types of sawdust. One is rough which is used for the foundation, and the other is powdery used for the surface.
This time the rough one is not available, so the powdery one is used for the foundation as well as the surface.(05)

Mix the same quantity of sawdust and CMC (chemical paste mixed with water. If CMC is not available, starchy paste can be used) and knead with hand until it becomes clayey.(06)

Don't make too much, since it will get dry or rotten after a few days.

Make it into a lump (07) and wrap it to prevent from drying.
Put the mixed sawdust on the surface of styrofoam with bonding agent.(08)
Put all over the surface except the joints parts in about 2mm thick uniformly, then dry them up.

If somewhere fissures, then fill it up and dry again perfectly.

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