Temporary Jointing

Now joint all the parts temporarily to check and see the balance.

The length and strength of the elastic loops depend on dolls.

For legs, cut two pieces of elastic measuring from ankle to neck hole.

For arms, cut a piece of elastic measuring from wrist to wrist.
Tie up the end of the elastics together to form loops.

Using a strong piece of wire with a bent, draw the elastic loops through each parts, and attach to the hooks at each end.

Fix all the parts and check all the joints to see if they can be moved smoothly.

The elastics must not be too slack at the same time.

Coating Foundation

Noah Doll use "gohun", the ground shell powder used for Japanese traditional dolls, to coat as foundation.

Modeling paste (available at drawing materials shop) can be used in place of it.

Dilute some amount of modeling paste with the same amount of water.

Put paste on the surface of all parts with a brush carefully, don't rub the surface.

Finish all parts, then dry up, and do it 3 or 4 times.

Here a lump of styrofoam is used for stand.

A heavy wood plank or anything can be used.
Finish the paste coating.

After dry up, smooth all the surface with sand papers perfectly.

Curve the features out with a cutter and fix the details.

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