HALF-LIFE2 - Single player game mod


Now, this game does not operate correctly.
Half-Life2 was updated recently. It seems that specification was changed on that occasion.
Since the specification of the control script of npc has changed, a part of NPC's have stopped moving by error.
However, you can avoid this problem by the following methods.

The present MOP folder is deleted and it newly recopies.
Refer to gameinfo.txt in an MOP folder.
Change SteamAppId to 215.
Restart Steam.

But, a game may stop at some scenes.
This will freeze the game for a few seconds though this is not a crash.

It is necessary to remake all maps in the EP1 specification to fix this problem.
It is the work which requires time very much.
Now, I cannot afford to do the work.
however You can play a game as a temporary measure by the above-mentioned method.

I am sorry that a problem occurs.

I up-loaded some movies.
One is an example cleared by the "combat in the spiral staircase".
Because this place has an ill name, it is necessary to fix it. But, The sequence was too complex. Therefore, I cannot fix any longer.
Then, I open the capture method to the public instead of the fix. The cheat has not gone at all.

Please go to the hint page(Spoil) and check movie.

Another one is movie for appreciation that introduces Ledoux.
The combat part in the game was excluded and composed again. This has not been released because it is for movie.

Please check the movie on a cite page.

Vote in the Mod of the Year Awards

"Mod of the Year Awards" is holding it with moddb now.
Please go to the site of moddb and vote if you liked this MOD !
(It has already ended.)

I added walk through by RideFlame. There are a lot of hints and Movie.

I released the test patch 2 for the CUtlLinkedList Overflow error.

Please try this file, when a problem has not improved, even if it tried "KS_CUtlLinkedListOverflow_testpatch1".

I released the test patch for the CUtlLinkedList Overflow error.

After all, I was not able to specify a detailed cause.
But, I have decreased entity. As a result, there is a possibility that the
error decreases enough.

Please overwrite this patch if the game crashed by "Twisted Space" because of the error of "CUtlLinkedList Overflow".
If you are not confronted with this error, the patch need not be used.

To our regret, there is no guarantee that the problem solves by this
Please tell it to me if the problem still happens.
Refer to readme for details.

About "CUtlLinkedList Overflow" error.

I'm aware of some of you are experiencing MOP crashes, but I'm having a hard time tracking them because I can't reproduce them. So I need your help to look deeper into crash errors.
When a Half-Life 2 MOD crashes, it creates a mdmp file in the same location as hl2.exe. This file is like the black box recorder, it contains the last few moments before the program crashed.

If you send me a .mdmp file that was created on a MOP crash, it can give me better idea of the reason behind it. When you encounter a crash, please drop me a mail with the .mdmp file and brief note where it happened(which map, what section of it).

The hint section was set up. There are two kinds (the hint and the spoil).
Please go here.

I released the patch.
As a result, the version becomes 1.0c.
I fixed some stucked parts, and fixed the game balance.

Please download the ks_mop_v1b-v1c_update.zip file if you have already installed the MOPv1.0b version, and overwrite.
Attention: The v1.0b save data becomes invalid when updating it.
Please download the ks_mop_v1c.zip file if you newly start playing a game.

Please go to the download page.

I newly updated the reference document(cite). However, this is not a hint.

The material of the water of HL2 is excessive now.
The image of Past is a correct description that I intended.
In addition, some material expressions are strange.
If the VALVE doesn't restore it, This problem will not be solved.

Past Present

In addition,
I will prepare a patch, in order to correct some unclear stuck points.
Please wait for a while.

Four new Screenshots were added.

The Mistake Of Pythagoras was released now.
Please go to the download page, and obtain the file.

In this mod, everything consists of HL2 entities. The only exception is chapter unlocking part - it's done by codes.
(Note: That's the only code change. Other codes are untouched.)

You can see how much freedom and power HL2 has as an expressive medium.